Everything made at Grace Interrupted Designs is hand painted/printed with fabric inks, dyed,and made especially for the individual. Countless hours, love and gratitude and probably badass vibrations from Olivia Benson as she is often in the background while these projects are being made, all these things and more are infused into a unique one a kind garment. I would like to enhance your favorite pair of jeans, your comfiest teeshirt, your favorite leather, your sexiest undies, the list goes on. Here's the deal, I want you to send me your favorite clothing and I will paint it, dye it, glam it up to make it brand new again and the best part is you already know it fits perfectly!! Fill out the form below to begin your commission process. Given the labor intensive process of painting please expect 4-6 weeks for the completion of your garment. Prices will be discussed invidually as they will vary from project to project. The other option for you for custom Grace Interrupted Designs are teeshirts!!! The universal garment, painted just for you, in sizes XS-3X please mark your size below, prices range from $50-150+shipping and handling depending on the size and style. Indicate in the additional comments if you are shipping your favorite item to me to paint or if you are purchasing a teeshirt. Thanks for listening. 

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once your form is sent, you will receive the shipping address to send your garment *(shipping will vary depending on your location, costs will be factored into the total pricing), I will follow up with additional questions, a quote for pricing, and a time frame for your project.